Asthma Relievers: Ventolin Inhaler, Air Humidifier

How to reduce asthma attacks?
10% of people suffer from bronchial asthma worldwide.

Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory system.

Today, doctors face the problem of late detection of the disease. Patients may learn about “delayed” asthma diagnosis 3-5 years later. Most people do not pay attention to the first asthma symptoms, and the disease turns into severe form.

Asthma can occur at any age, but asthma in children is diagnosed more often. Boys experience the disease twice often than girls. However, the sex ratio of this disease is aligned at the age of 20-30.

Asthma causes may be different:

  • Genetic predisposition;
  • exposure to different allergens;
  • viral and bacterial infections;
  • unfavorable ecological environment;
  • poor diet;
  • bad habits.

All these factors have a negative effect on the immune system, and the body becomes helpless against various diseases, including asthma.

Physicians advise paying attention to shortness of breath, wheezing, cough. They may be the first signs of asthma. In these case you should consult an allergist. Physicians remind that asthma treatment is easier at the early stages.

Inhalers: First aid for asthma attacks

inhaler for asthmaUsually patients use an asthma inhaler, as it provides the most rapid penetration of asthma drugs into the airways. Nowadays there are a lot of different inhalers for asthma, and the patient can choose the best one for himself. People who suffer from asthma should always have an inhaler with to be able to react quickly during asthma attack.

Asthma inhalers is the best way to deliver medication directly into the airways. Often the patient does not have time to wait during an asthma attack and has to react quickly. That is why it’s necessary to work out an asthma action plan. Thus, asthma inhalers are used in cases of emergency. Conventional means: tablets, syrups or injections are used between asthma attacks to avoid asthma exacerbation.

Types of inhalers

Today there is a variety of inhalers for asthma relief. They differ in size, a method of appliance and asthma medications. The most common pocket inhalers used in bronchial asthma are:

Powder inhalers with dosing can accurately provide the required dose of medication. They are very easy to use, but they are more expensive than others;

Liquid sprays are the most inexpensive and common inhalers. Their drawback is that they are effective only if the patient inhales the drug simultaneously with the drug ejection.

How to choose the right asthma inhaler?

After examination of the patient a doctor prescribes a medicine that is intended asthma prevention and asthma attacks relief. Choosing an inhaler, you should be guided precisely by the doctor’s recommendation. But when you buy an asthma inhaler, you should pay attention also to the following characteristics:

  1. An inhaler should be easy to use, the best way is to buy a pocket asthma inhaler;
  2. In this case the patient can provide medical assistance on his own in case of asthma attacks;
  3. You’d better choose an inhaler which is able to dose the drug;
  4. Price also affects the choice of an inhaler. This device is necessary for a patient with asthma, and they have to buy it often.

What inhaler is best for your asthma?

It is difficult to answer this quistion because the approach should be strictly individual. Only after a full examination of the patient a doctor can determine which asthma drug and in what form will be effective. The best inhaler for asthma is the one that quickly stops asthma attacks and does not cause side effects. But what is the most popular asthma inhaler?

Ventolin inhaler: Stop your asthma attacks

ventolin-inhalerVentolin inhaler is often used to prevent asthma attacks. Ventolin is a medicament which relieves bronchial asthma attacks and other diseases with reversible bronchi obstruction. The main active ingredient of Ventolin inhalers is Salbutamol.

  • Salbutamol has a rapid effect: the effect starts 5 minutes after inhalation;
  • the maximum effect: within 30-90 minutes;
  • the effect duration: 4-6 hours.

The asthma drug neither affects the cardiovascular system, nor raises pressure. Ventolin has less positive inotropic effect if compared with other asthma preparations. Ventolin expands the coronary arteries.

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Ventolin is intended only for inhalation. In case of asthma aggravation the patient may need to use the drug and to review the asthma treatment plan. Frequency of use and Ventolin dosage may be increased only by a doctor’s prescription, as Ventolin overdose can have undesirable side-effects.

Air humidity meter: an assistant in asthma

air humidity meterThe system of asthma prevention includes air humidity measurement.

This simple device allows controlling air humidity in the house and, thereby, maintain the necessary micro climate for asthmatics.

Bronchial asthma has now become a serious problem of the third millennium, doctors all over the world are talking about it. The number of childhood asthma has increased in the recent time.

The main asthma triggers:

  • The polluted atmosphere leads to a weakening of the immune system. That’s why asthmatics should buy air purifiers;
  • Allergens: pollen, household dust, molds, animal dander. It’s desirable to have both cleaners and ionizers in the house.

Sometimes asthma attacks are provoked by constant inhaling of dry warm air. With the start of a cold season, the temperature and air humidity in houses are far from the norm. Unfortunately, the central heating can not be adjusted for every citizen. Dry air is full of allergens – it weakens the body’s immune system.

Doctors all over the world insist that an air humidity meter is a necessary device for every asthmatic’s house.

The current models of the device are present in different stores. The ideal air humidity makes 60-80%, this criterion is especially important for asthmatics.

Dry air is an “incubator” for reproduction of pathogenic microbes. Fine particles fly in the air, the person inhales them, and they get settled on his bronchi.

You should also purchase devices that create an optimum micro climate for asthmatic patients:

  1. air humidifierConventional air humidifiers, which may be steam or cold type. Steam devices operate on the principle of an electric kettle. The water in the tank is heated to a certain temperature level and gradually evaporates, moisturizing air. But this device has one small drawback, it can not be used in the presence of small children, as there is a risk of burns;
  2. Cold air humidifier. The entire humidity process is more natural in this way – there is no boiling. The humidifier binds fine dust particles, thus preventing the spread of harmful bacteria.

The apartment of an asthmatic person should maintain the optimum moisture level. The best option is to place air moisturizers in every room, but if you do not have a financial ability to purchase several devices, you can humidify the air in natural ways. The main thing is to create a climate which can ease the asthmatic’s breathing.