Every fifth disease is connected with ecology

The unfavorable ecological situation is treated by the people as a bad weather – unpleasant, but inevitable. But environmentalists and doctors continue to sound the alarm: the environment is getting worse every year and has a direct impact on our health.

Bad ecology and human health is a sore subject for the past 100 years. At the moment human activity has an active influence on nature, and there is information about how negatively it affects human health.

“Ecology” (Greek) is translated as the science of the home. Our home is the entire planet, as it has no isolated systems.

Environment and human health are linked directly

healthyEven if your house is clean and has fresh air, still you come home from the street. Gases exhaust, thousands of cars, tons of industrial dust and high content of carbon dioxide – that is what an ordinary citizen inhales today.

According to World Health Organization, the environmental factors cause up to 25% of human pathologies. Environmental conditions is one of the main components that directly affect the life expectancy and health status. “Our functional reservoirs are tested for endurance every day. This affects even healthy people, and especially people who are sick. Bad ecology aggravates their condition, “- doctors say.

An endless race for technological innovations and comfort has led to the deplorable state of the atmosphere, drinking water, food.

This is most clearly demonstrated by periodic outbreaks of infectious diseases, related to exposure of pathogenic microbes intrusion to water sources. Areas near industries with a high level of harmful emissions into the atmosphere have the biggest amount of people with asthma.

One of the most pressing environmental problems of our time is illegal dumps – the trash contains a lot of toxic substances. It is especially important to keep the soil clean, as it occupies a central place in the biosphere, it is also the initial part of the natural chains. Contaminated soil can be a source of secondary pollution of air, water reservoirs, underground waters, foods of plant origin and animal feed.

People with respiratory problems, including asthma and an increased respond to the environmental pollution in the first place.

Environmental illnesses

There are only three basic types of life support – wind, water, and food. And all these types represent a threat to human now! Our health is negatively affected by various pollutants of nature. These are organic and inorganic substances. Radionuclides that cause cancer are the greatest danger for the population. The mechanism of the disease is poorly understood, however, it’s known that radiation is very dangerous to our life.

Heavy metals is a problem of large cities, for example, lead, zinc, cadmium, mercury. They fall with the rain in the streets and heads of the citizens, enter the body with food, inhaled from the air. For example, in Germany, there was a case of detection of meat dioxin: powerful toxic substances that are accumulated in the body and cause various diseases.

The most common environmental diseases are the following:

  • Asthma, caused by a high content of chemicals in the air;
  • Immune depression in cases of poisoning by heavy metals and silica, typical for industrial areas;
  • “Kirishi” syndrome – an allergy caused by a high content of air in protein and vitamin concentrates;
  • Jusko’s disease – a consequence of the high content of polychlorinated biphenyls in the body;
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome – a disease caused by the weakening of the human immune system due to the deteriorating environmental conditions;
  • A number of other new diseases.

Water is the source of illnesses

water pollutionIn the current environmental situation water – the source of life – turns into a life-threatening substance.

According to the World Health Organization, nowadays water contains 13 thousand potentially toxic elements. Heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, cadmium, zinc, nickel, chromium, cause arteriosclerosis, polyneuritis, hypertension, bone marrow failure, impaired vision. Radioactive uranium, plutonium, thorium, strontium, lead to cancer, genetic changes, weakened immunity, congenital malformations. Nitrogen and phosphorus, entering a human body, weaken his immunity.

Pathogenic microbes trapped in the water with sewage, become a cause of gastroenteritis, hepatitis, myocarditis, poliomyelitis and various kinds of intestinal disorders.

And in the water can enter fluorine, chlorine and its compounds – bromine and chloroform, causing nephritis, hepatitis, toxemia of pregnancy and congenital anomalies of the fetus, mutagenic effects, weakening of the immune system, damage to reproductive functions of men and women, cancers of internal organs.

With such a wide variety of “water” ailments, safety rules are pretty simple: do not drink unboiled tap water and don’t swim in prohibited areas. And, of course, use a water purifier. A great option for large cities is to purchase water for drinking and cooking.

Beware of the food!

By the term “food additive” insidiously hidden hundreds of chemical compounds, including gold and silver, chlorine and chlorine dioxide, sulfuric acid and carbon. These substances are not absorbed and deposited in the liver becoming yellow cause those diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver, hepatitis and allergy.

How to protect yourself? Always check the shelf life of beverages, cold cuts, cheese, margarine, soups – the longer this period is, consequently, the more various preservatives and antioxidants (that destroy the liver) they contain. Drink milk drinks with bifidobacteria and take vitamin C regularly – it prevents the formation of extremely harmful nitrosamines, which may lead to cancer.

The house, which used to be a fortress

houseMany of volatile chemicals floating in the air of our apartments have allergenic nature. These substances are released by many construction and surfacing materials in the course of plastic furniture and linoleum aging, during wash of clothes, and even in the case of … a burnt food in a frying pan!

Popular cleaning chemical products for the house and washing powder are especially carcinogenic, to be exact, their main active ingredients: surfactants (surfactants). They are able to cause immune disorders, allergies, damage to brain, liver, kidneys, and lungs. The worst news – surfactants are accumulated in organs and act as poisons: damage the function of cells in the liver, leading to an increase of cholesterol, causing congestion in the lungs. They increase a possibility of developing atherosclerosis in the blood vessels of the heart and brain, disrupt the transmission of nerve impulses in the nervous system.

Another enemy of the ecological home is chlorine. This chemical causes diseases of the heart and blood vessels, promotes the emergence of atherosclerosis, anemia, hypertension, allergic reactions, destroys proteins, adversely affects the skin and the hair, increases the risk of cancer.

You are the hosts in your house, so you can pick up non-polluting, environmentally friendly furniture, and household items, as well as use safer cleaning products – such as soda and ordinary soap. If you value your health, do not buy powders containing phosphates, in spite of their advertised bleaching properties: their use is even prohibited in many Western countries.