Asthma in Children

Asthma is an allergic disease. Bronchial asthma in young children has symptoms that are similar to symptoms of whooping cough, and therefore it is difficult to diagnose this disease. Asthma in children is a chronic disease that is often inherited.

Why does Childhood Asthma Occur?

The causes of asthma in kids can be of different factors. The main cause is genetic predisposition. It is also a chronic inflammation (allergic) of respiratory tract, effect of different allergens (soft toys, food, detergents, household dust and other irritants).

The reason may be bronchial hyperreactivity. This is a pretty strong reaction to provocative actions that can cause their narrowing. Bronchial asthma in young children may develop due to acute respiratory infections. In these diseases, viruses contribute to a change in bronchial mucosa.asthma-in-children
Allergens with the help of air penetrate bronchi that interfere with formed immune system, and it reflects badly on its functioning. The presence in house pets (cats, dogs, rodents of various kinds, even fish) can be a cause of this disease emergence. Yet there are several factors:

  • wrong recommended physical activity;
  • unfavorable ecological environment;
  • air pollution.

Particularly appearance of asthma is caused by air pollution in residential areas, air pollution, pollen of plants that are in blossom. The worsening of disease occurs on season, along with allergies emergence.

What if Children Are Observed Asthma Attack?

If you had an asthma attack in your child, then immediately call an ambulance. It is necessary to put child on bed to calm him down, open windows for fresh air to enter the room. Most importantly, do not panic not to upset the baby. Take off tight clothes. It is helpful bath with hot water for hands and feet.

How Is Childhood Asthma Treated?

Mild asthma forms are well treated by means of special physiotherapy and cold water treatment. Moderate and severe forms of disease are in need of special courses of basic therapy, which aims to reduce effects of bronchial allergic inflammation, as well as preventing relapse.

In most cases, drug therapy lasts about 3 months, but there may be exceptions. For kids using drugs prescribed by specialist. Inhaled corticosteroids, which perform directly on inflammation. When used properly, these drugs reduce risk of irreversible changes in bronchi, less frequent asthma attacks or are stopped altogether.

It doesn’t matter how good allergic drugs will be, which provide effective treatment in childhood asthma these drugs have many contraindications. Because of this non-drug treatment is applied for this disease. If regularly used under doctor supervision, this asthma is treatable. Also it is assigned to kid special exercises aimed at training of respiratory muscles and diaphragm.

This treatment helps to alleviate current attacks, and also helps to cope with exacerbations. Also, child is assigned a special physical exercises. All this is done only under strict specialists’ supervision. In young children, asthma is successfully treated using barotherapy, various massages, physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Sometimes in combination with conventional treatment physicians prescribe some traditional remedies. They are at an early age particularly important, because they do not have bad influence on child’s body. To prevent disease’s relapse in children is best to find location in clean area and protect child from things that can cause asthma.