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Buying Asthma Inhalers. Advantages of onlineasthma...

Can you buy inhalers over the counter? We asked this question and decided to find answer to it. Having looked over a lot of websites and various online pharmacies, we came to the conclusion that …

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Asthma Relievers: Ventolin Inhaler, Air Humidifier

10% of people suffer from bronchial asthma worldwide. Asthma is a chronic disease of the respiratory system. Today, doctors face the problem of late detection of the disease. Patients may learn about “delayed” asthma diagnosis …

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Ecological Situation and Health

Health is the most important integral indicator, which reflects impact of socio-economic, environmental, medical, biological and demographic processes in society. The study of health state of population is of particular relevance to deteriorating environmental situation. …

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Environmental pollution affects our respiratory sy...

Recent years have seen a serious increase in asthma development, nowadays it’s the most common disease in the world. It’s referred to chronic respiratory diseases. Meanwhile, the official website of the World Health Organization, mentions …

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Every fifth disease is connected with ecology

The unfavorable ecological situation is treated by the people as a bad weather – unpleasant, but inevitable. But environmentalists and doctors continue to sound the alarm: the environment is getting worse every year and has …

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Asthma in Children

Asthma is an allergic disease. Bronchial asthma in young children has symptoms that are similar to symptoms of whooping cough, and therefore it is difficult to diagnose this disease. Asthma in children is a chronic …

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Ecology of our house and our health

This article points out a lot of interesting things concerning the ecology of our house that we sometimes miss. Why do many environmentalists say that “all the houses are an environmental dirt”? Let’s take a …

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6% Adulthood Asthma
30% Childhood Asthma
Genetic Predisposition of One Parent
Genetic Predisosition of Two Parents
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